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Arrow Tag Is The Sport That Combines Archery And Dodgeball

Archery Attack

YouTube has taught you and your kid how to make everything from a paper airplane guy to a cheeseball machine gun.  But it’s never too early to get them started on the classics: The bow and arrow. And no, that’s not a reference to what your Millennial neighbors named their kids. It’s an updated version of archery that will make shooting your family fun again.

This particular version of arrow tag combines dodgeball and paintball with archery. It was inspired by a LARPing (Live Action Role Playing … or those D&D guys who hit each other with foam swords in the park) community in Adelaide, South Australia. These fantasy Aussies engaged in the most “intense battles between steel clad warriors and Robin Hood-esque archers hailing arrows from the sky,” according to their website. Since 2014, the activity has evolved into a decidedly less nerdy, joint venture with Bubble Sports Australia. Despite the fact there aren’t any children are featured in the video above, the guidelines state your kid can start hunting you down as soon they turn 10.

Archery Attack is currently only available in Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines, but parks throughout the U.S. are now offering similar arrow tag services (a full list is available here). Plus, if your laser tag hangout recently went under, you can franchise an Archery Tag in your own community. Or, just buy the equipment and start charging admission to your backyard. Or, as you call it, The Field Of Battle.