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When Are New Episodes of ‘Arrested Development’ Available to Stream?

The second half of the fifth and likely final season of 'Arrested Development' comes to Netflix this month but when exactly does the Bluth family return for more shenanigans?

Comedy nerds get ready to bust out your shortest jean cut-offs as TV’s most nefarious family since The Sopranos are officially coming back this month. That’s right, the highly-incompetent and morally dubious Bluth family is returning to finish out the fifth season of Arrested Development on Netflix, with Michael, Tobias, and the rest of the crew set to finally give us an answer on what really happened to Lucille Austero, as her mysterious disappearance (and possible murder?) looks to be at the center of the upcoming season.

So when exactly will the new seasons be available to stream? We have an answer. The remaining episodes of the fifth season will all drop on Netflix on March 15, meaning that you should probably cancel any weekend plans in order to enjoy the return of one of the best comedies of the Twenty-First Century.

But wait, didn’t the fifth season of Arrested Development already happen? It’s a fair question. Despite coming nearly a year after the last batch, the eight new episodes will actually be a continuation of the fifth season of Arrested Development, thought that doesn’t really mean much in terms of viewer experience.

What is more notable is that while nothing has been officially declared yet, it does appear likely that this will be the final season for the Bluth family, as many reviews have noted that the season 5 finale feels like an appropriate ending for the series as a whole. Of course, if Netflix decides it wants more episodes, don’t be surprised if the whole gang is back for season 6.