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MLB Slugger Draws Amazing Wonder Woman Cartoon for Sick Fan

Fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates won't just miss McCutchen's skills on the field.

Andrew McCutchen might just be the nicest player in Major League Baseball. After finding out a local radio show hosts daughter had been diagnosed with cancer, the 31-year-old outfielder for the Pittsburg Pirates the girl a hand-drawn picture of Wonder Woman with the message “Let’s fight together” and “The world needs us.”

The picture blew up on a Twitter post after Colin Dunlap, the girl’s father, called McCutchen a “man first; ballplayer second,” before thanking him for the support. Amazingly, though Dunlap and McCutchen have known each other for some time (McCutchen having played in Pittsburg for close to 13 years), Dunlap didn’t ask for the picture. McCutchen simply drew it out of the kindness of heart.

Though the gesture would have been sweet no matter what, fans weren’t shocked to find out that McCutchen is actually a very talented artist. While McCutchen told ESPN that he only “doodles a little bit,” when challenged to draw an old Pirates logo on Twitter, McCutchen blew fans away.

Though McCutchen was recently traded to the San Francisco Giants, he remains beloved in Pittsburgh, where he was not only a standout player, but a standout human.