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An Awful Lot Of Parents Die In Disney Films. Here’s How You Can Help Your Kid Deal With It

From Bambi’s mom getting gunned down to Frozen‘s royal couple dying at sea, parents in Disney movies are as disposable as diapers. To help your kid deal with the trauma, follow Smart Parenting for Smart Kids author Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore’s 3-step process. First, simply acknowledge their fear. Then, offer reassurance that sneakily reinforces healthy habits: “I plan to be around for a long time — that’s why I’m eating this delicious kale.” Finally, give your kid a sense of control by letting them watch any of the dozen or so parricidal Disney flicks as often as needed. As with kale, what started out as terrifying will eventually become pure enjoyment.

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[youtube–HHuBKH4 expand=1]