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Glitch Causes Amazon to Create Baby Registries for Non-Parents

Jimmy Kimmel managed to turn the incident into a prank.

Earlier this week, several Amazon customers received an email from Amazon informing them that someone had bought them an item off their baby registry. This came as a shock to a lot of people, not because the item wasn’t on their registry, but because they didn’t have a baby registry set up with Amazon in the first place. In fact, most of the people who receive the email didn’t even have an unborn or newborn baby.

For those who received the email celebrating a purchase for their nonexistent baby, the link in the email primarily redirected them to set up a baby registry on Amazon. Others simply ended up at a broken link. For those who received the email and actually did have a baby registry set up on Amazon, they were left disappointed and confused due to Amazon’s unintentional teasing. According to an Amazon spokesperson, the emails were sent out as a result of a technical and that the company was currently working on alerting affected customers of the mistake.

While most took the entire incident in stride and quickly moved on with their lives, late night host and notorious mischief maker Jimmy Kimmel found a way to turn the phantom baby registries into a weirdly benevolent prank. On his show last night, Kimmel revealed that he, too, received one of these emails from Amazon. Upon learning more about the technical glitch, he started feeling bad for expectant parents who thought a friend or relative had bought them a baby gift. So Kimmel decided to start buying random gifts from people’s baby registries to help them forget about any potential disappointment. Kimmel being Kimmel, he opted for sillier gifts, including the Nose Frida baby-booger sucker. Kimmel thought the booger sucking straw was hilarious. It totally is, but damn is it is a lifesaver. Here’s hoping these lucky folks know how useful it is.