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Albums For Kids That Won’t Make You Want To Stab A Pencil In Your Ear

It’s cool that you swore your kid would only going to listen to Motown or the Ramones or whatever musical flag you’ve been waving since high school, but now that you’ve seen how their eyes light up when they hear actual kids music, it’s time to give ’em what they want. Fortunately, there’s way better stuff out there than you might realize, including kids’ music made by musicians you probably already listen to (Ziggy Marely, Johnny Cash), and kids’ bands that are way better than you’d expect (Dan Zanes, the Pop Ups). Your kids liking music you hate is a right of passage, so you may as well give up on imparting your tastes on them now. If it makes you feel better, you can keep all your old concert T-shirts.