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Adam Sandler’s Kids Don’t Like Adam Sandler Movies

Peeing in your pants has ceased to be the coolest.

As Adam Sandler gears up for a new four-movie deal with Netflix, his two daughters have a message for their father: Try not to suck this time. While promoting his upcoming film Sandy Wexler, which will be released April 14, the Sand man told Ellen Degeneres that his kids have seen some of his movies and that those screenings didn’t go great. Maybe they saw Click or The Do-Over.

In Sandler’s defense, his daughters were primed to dislike Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore having spent most of their lives hearing references hurled at their dad on the street. Still, they wanted to learn about their father’s work and then, well, learned about their father’s work.

“They demand this and they get every time, I’d say about 20 minutes in, and then I see them tuning out,” he shared with Degeneres in the clip below. “And then I hear them, their nervous to say it, but they’re like, ‘can watch something else?’” Sorry pops, you’re no Finding Dory.

At this point, it seems unlikely that Sandler’s kids will be bigger fans of his next flick. His work on Netflix has been poorly received by critiques for being, among other things, really bad. But people will watch the things — even if the Sandlers don’t.

And if Adam ever needs positive reinforcement he’s always got Rob Schneider.