Why Aren’t You Following Han Solo’s Ridiculously Funny Dad Jokes On Twitter?


Han Solo is now a father … oops. Um … spoiler? Whatever — if you’re the only one in the galaxy who hasn’t seen the movie, that’s on you. For everyone else, it should come as a relief that he apparently made it out of that little kerfuffle with Kilo Ren better than it looked, because he’s alive, well, and absolutely exploding Twitter right now with the greatest dad jokes in the universe. Proof? Proof:

[twitter_embed https://twitter.com/dadjokehansolo/statuses/687719057924177920 expand=1]

Talk about leading by example. His own kid tries to … um … anyway, clearly there are no hard feelings between Han and his boy.

[twitter_embed https://twitter.com/dadjokehansolo/statuses/687766189523755008 expand=1]

Also, it’s great to know that, even though he’s all reverent and respectful of the Jedi in hindsight he’s still not above flipping them some shit:

[twitter_embed https://twitter.com/dadjokehansolo/statuses/687507755645710336 expand=1]

And you wonder why Leia still loves him.

[twitter_embed https://twitter.com/dadjokehansolo/statuses/687753481139187712 expand=1]

Ten bucks says Greedo didn’t crack a smile at this one.

[twitter_embed https://twitter.com/dadjokehansolo/statuses/687495459619778562 expand=1]

Seriously, he goes on for days. Give the man a follow — you need the material.

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