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A Wordless Trilogy About A Kid With A Magic Crayon That’s Worthy Of ‘Harold’

Before B.J. Novak had the genius idea to write a children’s book with no pictures, former Cars animator Aaron Becker created a wordless world in his 2013 book Journey. The story follows a young girl into a magical kingdom that she navigates with her trusty red crayon. Before you get your Harold And The Purple Crayon pajamas in a bunch, get to the part where she meets and befriends a young boy. No spoilers, but a purple bird is heavily involved.


Journey was a 2014 Caldecott Honor Book and a 2013 New York Times Best Illustrated Book (not bad for a debut), but Becker felt there was more to the story. He pitched his publisher on a trilogy and last year released Quest, which finds the friends in the present, drawn back to Journey world to try and save an abducted king. Again, magic crayons abound.


The third book is due in 2016, so you and your kid have some time to get up to speed. Becker’s fantastic world and incredible watercolors are packed with easter eggs and callbacks that encourage repeated readings — it’s a little like walking into Westeros, only this guy will actually finish the series (and you won’t have to explain to your kid what all those heads are doing separated from their bodies).

Journey by Aaron Becker ($9)
Quest by Aaron Becker ($12)
Ages: 4-8

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