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Show Your Kid Why David Bowie Ruled With This Picture Book Of ‘Space Oddity’

Among the many reasons to lament the passing of David Bowie (the loss of an iconic musical chameleon who was as awesome at this as he was at this), maybe the biggest is that — depending on their age — you might not yet have had a chance to introduce your own kid to his music. Sure, you’ll always have Labyrinth, but if you don’t think the best way to remember The Thin White Duke is as the Goblin King, you might want to show them this note-perfect kids’ book recreation of the classic Bowie cut “Space Oddity.”

The concept art by Andrew Kolb is a beautifully illustrated tribute to a legendary story song. Even better, you can read it with the song playing, and Bowie will do a lot of the work for you. (Download the PDF here.) Sure, the lyrics take a less-than-kid-friendly turn for the worse, but every Labyrinth devotee knows the creepy factor is part of what made Bowie so compelling to begin with. Plus, look how cheery those illustrations are!

[vimeo expand=1]

Anyway, your kid will figure it out eventually, since Bowie’s legacy of brilliant pan-musicality and fearless pan-genderism will likely serve as much of a coming-of-age staple to your kid’s teenage years as will discovering weed and The Grateful Dead. So, read them Kolb’s book, and then let Bowie himself read them Peter And The Wolf. And then maybe bring them to see his music performed live as part of the forthcoming SpongeBob musical.

RIP, David Bowie. Long may the Starman entertain.