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A Book That Teaches Your Kid Not To Be Scared Of The Monsters Under The Bed

It’s your job as a father to protect your kids while imparting universal life lessons like, “There’s nothing to be afraid of” or “The book is always better.” Achieve both of these at once with I Will Fight Monsters For You, a new book that literally flips the “monsters under the bed” trope on its head. It’s basically Monsters, Inc., but without the guilt-inducing screen time or Billy Crystal’s flop sweat.


The debut from author Santi Balmes and illustrator Lyona tells the stories of two little girls — a human named Martina and a monster named Anitram (get it?!) — who both can’t sleep for fear of the creatures living under their beds. Their narratives parallel each other’s in both words and pictures; many of the illustrations are reflections of the girls’ worlds that can only be read by physically turning the book upside down.

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In the end, a magical, dream-world meeting and their hero dads (because, obviously, hero dads) help Martina and Anitram realize there’s no reason to fear things just because they’re different. So, the good news is your kid will realize you’re not scared of monsters; the bad news is that you were wrong about there not being a monster under the bed.

I Will Fight Monsters For You by Santi Balmes and Lyona ($14)
Ages: 4-7