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7 Last-Minute Kid Costumes That Will Win Halloween


There is still time to whip together a Halloween costume that fulfills key kid criteria (no one else in the neighborhood will have it) while scoring you parent points for being more clever than the next guy. These getups range from simple Amazon buy-and-go’s to some assembly required, but none of them will reveal that your kid was totally without a costume just a few days ago.

His Holiness, Pope Francis

Cost/Time: Roughly $20 and one evening
How: Take a quick trip to the crafts store and follow the “no sew” version of these simple instructions.

An Inmate At Orange Is The New Black‘s Litchfield Prison

Cost/Time: $29.95 plus overnight shipping
How: Buy the onsie, tape this toy screwdriver into your kid’s hand, and then teach them how to prison fight a Russian baby with colic.

The iPhone 6

Cost/Time: About $15 and one hour
How: By building a foam core frame for your kid’s stroller. Just be careful putting it in the trunk, as there have been reports of the costume bending.

Ira Glass

Cost/Time: About $70 (but you can save money if you go with a less adorable radio prop) and however long it takes to get your kid into a shirt and jacket
How: Just assemble this genius outfit, and spray their hair silver.

The World Series MVPs Of Hair

Cost/Time: About $70 plus overnight shipping
How: San Francisco Giants fans can roll as Tim Lincecum with this jersey, this cap and this brown bob wig. For Kansas City Royals fans, there’s the James Shields look with this jersey, this cap and the liberal use of brown eyeliner to create a nasty-looking chin beard.

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un (With Optional Dennis Rodman)

Cost/Time: $57 plus overnight shipping
How: Get this mask and this kid’s military jumper. If your kid has a sibling or a friend, complete the look with a Dennis Rodman sidekick using some green hair dye and a fake nose ring.

Legal Marijuana

Cost/Time: $30 plus overnight shipping
How: Make peace with being labeled the Worst Parent In The Neighborhood, and then buy this costume.