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7 Family Halloween Costumes You’ll Actually Like

Because if you're gonna do a family costume, you're gonna do it right.


Ahhh the family Halloween costume. Coordinating a group outfit —one where even the stroller and dog match the entire ensemble — sounds fun in the weeks leading up to the holiday, but it gets a bit tricky as the big night creeps closer. We can’t go as burgers, you think, because the Jackson family are going as burgers and they have Martin’s Potato Roll costumes, which you know are the best. Or whatever your thoughts are. In any case, it’s good to have some options in mind that are easy to throw together for the big night. So, below are six simple family Halloween costumes ideas that you won’t be embarrassed to wear outside your house. Just remember: The best accessory for any family costume is enthusiasm.  So if your family decides to dress up as a unit this season, it’s your job to get stoked and play along. The night depends on it.

Justice League

It took a few tries, but Wonder Woman proved that DC is, in fact, capable of making solid superhero movies. And not to get ahead of ourselves, but the Justice League Movie actually looks pretty awesome — especially with Joss Wheadon helping with final edits. So why not team up as a family to protect the universe against a yet-to-be-announced villain. Because you know what’s the only thing cuter than a baby? A baby dressed up as a superhero.

Star Wars

The great thing about Star Wars is that it is somehow simultaneously timely and timeless. No need to stick to the consistency of characters being in the same movie, just pick whatever characters you like and everyone will know exactly who you are.

Stranger Things

The second season of the hit throwback show returns just a couple of days before all Hallow’s eve so you’re absolutely on point with this topical costume that works for the family. You’ve got tiny Officer Hooper, tiny Joyce, tiny Barb (RIP), tiny Dustin, and, of course, tiny Eleven. Assembling the costumes is as easy as pulling a few shirt and jacket combos from your kid’s closet and maybe finding an old Dungeons & Dragons set. Bonus points if you have Christmas lights for Joyce and Ego Waffles for Eleven.


The best family costumes have the parents wearing simple but recognizable costumes while the kids take the spotlight they want and deserve. Pokémon fits into that category perfectly, as mom and dad can easily put together quality Misty and Ash outfits while dressing up the kids in adorable Pikachu, Squirtle, or Snorlax costumesPokémon Go may have had its 15 minutes in the spotlight come and go, but you can use some good old-fashioned nostalgia to justify this choice. To kick things up a notch, one of you can dress up as a giant smartphone and chase the others around all night.


There might be something strange in your neighborhood. If so, logic would dictate that someone is gonna call the Ghostbusters. Have some matching shirt and pant combos? Great. You’re nearly there. Throw on a couple of wide belts and elbow pads and you’ve got a team assembled. If you’re feeling a bit crafty, you can create a few proton packs out of cardboard. But, some of the kids water and NERF guns will certainly play the part. Halloween is, afterall, half imagination.

The Peanuts Gang

Don’t overthink this one. Snoopy is adorable. Your kid is adorable. Charlie Brown and his gang some of the easiest costumes to pull off. (Have a yellow shirt? Great tape Charlie’s iconic spiky design to it. The rest of the crew merely requires striped shirts and brown shoes) Want to go bigger? Record a muted trumpet to serve as the adult voices. Or, you can go big and try to pull off the Stranger Things-Peanuts mashup.

The Wizard of Oz

Yeah, yeah it’s an obvious choice. But Dorothy, Toto, and crew lend themselves to an easy last-minute group costume. The tin man can be jury-rigged with a spray painted oil canister and a lot of Duct Tape. The Scarecrow requires some old clothes stuffed with leaves and bit of makeup on your nose. Have a picnic basket lying around, or the ability to tape some wicker to your stroller? You’re halfway to creating a Dorothy costume — and an adorable bassinet for your baby, who will obviously be Toto. Sure, the Cowardly Lion’s a bit complicated, but with an old rug and some face paint you’re pretty much good to go.