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5 Reasons Everyone Should Be Pumped About ‘Fantastic Beasts 2’

References to old Potter characters yes, but really, it's all about clarifying some stuff from the first movie.

Warner Bros

Let’s get real about Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Harry Potter fans are desperate and will settle for what they can get. But, that doesn’t mean everyone shouldn’t be pumped for the upcoming movie. 

And that’s because while the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is probably great on Broadway, reading the screenplay-as-a-novel just didn’t cut it. And, sure, Johnny Depp having a pivotal role in the movies is deeply annoying and a little problematic. But, here’s the deal: everyone is ready for more of the Harry Potter world, even if its a thinly veiled cash grab. Here’s why.

The series will likely conclude with the most famous duel of all wizarding history — the battle between Grindelwald and Dumbledore in 1945, which is, rather coincidentally, the ending year of World War II. This is a duel readers only heard about in the Potter books, and now, we will likely get to see it. This sequel is set in 1927. What will happen in the span of the next 20 years? Who knows! Does it have anything to do with fantastic beasts? Truly, only tangentially! Does anyone care? I certainly do not! Bring it on, J.K. Rowling! In anticipation of the sequel, which comes out in November of this year, here are five things that Harry Potter-heads are very excited to see. 

Young Dumbledore Teaching at Hogwarts

So much of the hype of the Fantastic Beasts sequel is the appearance of Young Dumbledore — in this case, young is relative, as the movie is set in the late 1920s and the man was born in 1881. However, wizards live a really long time, so Dumbledore in this instance is young at what muggles would consider middle-aged. Anyway, Jude Law will be taking on the mantle of the deeply loved and iconic elder wizard.

It’ll be interesting to see Dumbledore about 60 years before he even has to confront the specter of Voldemort, who is not yet alive, in a mid-career position as what is most likely a professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, and one who will clearly be conflicted about the path forward in fighting Grindelwald.

The Credence Barebone Issue

At the end of Fantastic Beasts, it was heavily hinted that Credence Barebone survived the attack on his osbcureal form. Ezra Miller, who played Credence, is starring in the film, but the extent of his role is unclear, although in previous, post-film interviews, director David Yates said that he cut a shot of Credence boarding the same boat that Newt got on back to the UK, so it’s likely that he is also across the pond.

There’s also anticipation over whether or not Dumbledore will come into contact with Credence, an obscurus (or a former obscurus). It’s unclear whether or not Credence was fully extracted from his obscurial form and many savvy book readers wonder if Ariana, Dumbledore’s troubled young sister who was killed either by him or Grindelwald in their falling out fight, was an obscurus herself. Many readers also wonder if Dumbledore is afraid of Grindelwald, the “big bad” of the Fantastic Beasts series so far, because of that — and because he may, at one point, have had feelings for him. Drama-rama.

Nicholas Flamel

The full comic-con trailer for Fantastic Beasts 2 briefly showed — without naming any names — a very old and decrepit alchemist who claims to be immortal. This is most likely Nicholas Flamel, the creator of the Sorcerer’s Stone, the only known alchemist in the Harry Potter universe so far who gave up the stone to Dumbledore, choosing to pass away some 600 years into his life and about 12 years after Harry was born.

As any basic Harry Potter fan knows, Flamel giving up the stone set the entire first book into motion, leading to Harry’s first, nearly fatal interaction with Voldemort, as well as the revelation that Harry would be protected by his mother’s sacrifice for quite some time.

Ancestors of Our Favorite Characters

Fleamont Potter might be most famously known for inventing Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion — the tonic that Hermione put on her hair in the Goblet of Fire ahead of the Yule Ball — but he’s also Harry Potter’s grandfather and the reason the Potter family is so rich. He graduated just around the time the 2nd book is set and it’s possible he might be seen in the Hogwarts portions of the movie.

Other dark figures, including Lestrange ancestors and other small-time Death Eater families like the Rosiers and the Travers, are slated to make an appearance. This is unsurprising — it’s not as though Grindelwald and Voldemort’s messages are so different. Plus, given all of the flashbacks of Newt’s times at Hogwarts, we should plan on seeing a young Leta Lestrange — played by Zoe Kravitz — among other instrumental figures.

The Secret Magical World Paris

The movie will take place in three major locations: London, of course, where Hogwarts is situated nearby; Paris, France, which may be where the gang of four meet up with Nicholas Flamel, who himself went to Beauxbatons, the French wizarding school, and New York. Seeing even just part of the American wizarding world was a delight for audiences; seeing the sights of Paris amidst some dueling and apparating will also be a world of fun. If getting a glimpse of MACUSA, the American wizarding government, and the tensions between wizards and muggles in the United States, was interesting, there’s no doubt that the French wizarding government will also be full of intricacies and contradictions. Plus, Paris is beautiful, even without literal magic.

-Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald will hit movie theaters everywhere on November 16, 2018.-