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4 Shopkins Games That Don’t Suck

If you are forced to play Shopkins games, play the good ones.

First things first: why are Shopkins a thing? Your kids might be obsessed with them, but what do you know about them?

Shopkins are the tiny collectibles from Australia that have worked their way into becoming a full-scale obsession after they were introduced to the world four years ago. Since then, they’ve become more than plastic toys with giant eyeballs. If you can dream it up, there’s probably a Shopkins version of it. There are Shopkins candies, Shopkins clothes, Shopkins trading cards, and Shopkins books.

And now, there are even Shopkins games online. But which ones can you actually manage to play without losing your sanity? Because the majority of these games don’t have a point other than helping Shopkins character get dressed and accessorize, finding the ones that offer something different can be a blessing, especially if you have a kid that loves Shopkins and wants you to play one with them. 

Shopville vs Shopkins Candyland

This one is a straightforward bubble shooter with Shopkins candies instead of bubbles. Other than it the fact that it’s, um, Shopkins-themed, frills are kept to a minimum.  Pop or destroy the candy in the Shopkins factory by clicking on the candy’s that are lined up with each other. The longer the line-up, the bigger the explosion and the more points you get.

Shopkins Find the Differences

This game is so much harder than it sounds. Here’s how to play: Look at one Shopkins picture, look at another nearly identical Shopkins picture, and then point out the differences between the two. Again, it sounds impossibly easy, but just try completing the first level in less than the three minutes given. It quickly becomes really frustrating and fun at the same time.

Shopkins Season 3

Like Shopville vs Shopkins, this is a game where the point is to destroy what’s on the screen. There are Shopkin vegetables growing on a farm represented as a grid of tiles. Click on the tiles to switch their positions so that three or more of the Shopkin vegetables are lined up which removes them from the farm-grid and earns players points.

Shopkins Memory Game

The Shopkins memory game is pretty relaxed. Cards with photos of Shopkins are drawn out in a row facing down. Everytime you click on a card, its Shopkin appears and the score is kept by whether or not a card with a matching picture is clicked. When a match is found, those cards disappear, leaving fewer cards on the screen and more opportunity to find the remaining matches. Pretty simple, not too taxing, and a low stakes way to get a memory workout.