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4 Reasons To Watch Muppets Now! On Disney+ This Weekend

The show is great.


The long-awaited, much-hyped Muppets Now! has finally, thankfully, dropped on Disney+ to rescue us from scouring the archives of the various streaming platforms that have become (for some of us, at least) the sole source of entertainment for many quarantined families. Finally, new television! Luckily for parents and kids alike, the new show, which will drop weekly on the platform, the first episode dropping today, is also thankfully quite good. But if you’re debating whether or not to watch the show — that is only about 20 plus minutes per episode — here are a few reasons to love the muppets again.

The show is fun. It follows a structure that will be familiar enough to working parents who also are creatives: Scooter is attempting to upload a final cut of the TV show while segment producers (Miss Piggy, etc) send in notes at the very last minute, and are all but powerless as he sends the episodes into the stratosphere. The show is meta, funny, but not too meta. It’s perfect so far as a balm against the total hellscape we are living in.

1. The celebrity cameos in the first episode alone are ridiculous. 

While the trailers for the show teased tons of totally awesome celebrity cameos, so it should come as no surprise that the first episode is simply packed full of kick-ass celeb cameos, some of which were not teased in the trailer. Taye Diggs, Linda Cardellini, Carlina Will, a rising star in the chef world, and the legendary Drag Queen and general talent Ru Paul are all stars in this episode. Their talents are put to good use — and honestly just remind us of how much more fun is going to unfold over the next few episodes.

2. All of the parodies of reality television shows are more for parents than for kids.

The Muppets Now! team clearly wanted to make a show that is just as fun for parents as it is for kids. In that vein, much of the content is clearly geared toward an adult audience that has over a decade of reality television watching, for better or for worse, under their belts. The first ‘show’ within the show is The Sty With Miss Piggy, a ‘style’ episode where the famous glamorous pig talks all things fashion and haute couture. It’s extremely HGTV/Bravo-esque in tone. The second show, Puppet Masters, looks like it’ll be a long-running gag where the muppets reveal their secret talents besides being wonderful entertainers, sort of like an Inside the Actor’s Studio. The last segment of the show isn’t so much of a parody — but it is absolutely railroaded by mega-fans of Ru Paul. Kermit is trying to interview the famous star when nearly every muppet under the sun bombards Ru Paul and Kermit to ask their own questions and derail the interview. It’s really cute.

3. Ru Paul. Need we say more?

I mean….

4. Miss Piggy has gone full influencer, and it’s great.

It makes sense, obviously, that a modern Miss Piggy would not just be glamorous and stylish, but also totally up to date on all of the social media platforms that exist in this world. And so it’s no surprise that Miss Piggy has gone full influencer — getting a cameraman to help her post to her stories with hashtags and beautiful selfies. It’ll be fun to watch her attempt to chase internet clout unfold over the next few episodes of this show.