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The 20 Funniest Dad Tweets of 2017

The wonderful and weird musings of dads on Twitter this year.

Twitter/Jim Gaffigan

As a dad, there’s nothing better than hearing from other people who can empathize about or articulate some truth from the wild world of parenting. It helps you understand that you’re not alone and not unique in struggling to remain in control (or convince your children that you ever had control to begin with). It should come as no surprise that Twitter has become the default forum for airing dad grievances. It’s the social platform preferred by parents eager to share the funny, silly, frustrating, and horrifying details of their lives without their parents or college friends having to digest all that angst in the middle of a newsfeed. And, make no mistake, 2017 was a banner year for dad tweets. They became, in a sense, their own tweet genre. Here are the 20 best of the bunch.

The Cost of Parenting

To the Highest Bidder

The Truth Hurts

Stay Afloat

The Happiest Place on Earth

Back to the Drawing Board

God the Father

Toilet Time

Nobody’s Perfect

Easter Surprise

Picky Parenting

And the Award Goes to…

Chews Wisely

Scream On

Sober Up

Gray Badge of Courage

You Will Not Be Missed

Hidden in Plain Sight

What’s Better Than a High-Five?