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15 New Kid’s Shows to Be Sure to Watch in 2018

Including the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Carmen Sandiego.

Cartoon Network

You’ve seen every episode of Doc McStuffins at least five times and no matter how hard you try, you will never get the Daniel Tiger theme song out of your head. And while you’re happy that your kid is happy, it would be nice to finally get them to branch out and get into some new shows. While they may be years away from checking out BoJack Horseman or Game of Thrones, there are still tons of great kid’s shows for them to enjoy. As we leave this year behind, here are 15 upcoming kid’s shows you might end up enjoying as much as your kid.

Carmen Sandiego (Netflix)

Growing up, you were probably haunted by a single question: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Now your kid can face the same unsolvable dilemma, as Netflix is creating a new animated show where kids will once again use knowledge to try and catch the titular thief. Gina Rodriguez and Finn Wolfhard are both signed on for the show. Do it, Rockapella!

Muppet Babies (Disney Junior)

Whether they’re on the big screen, small screen, or stage, the Muppets never really go away — and that’s a great thing. Now, the perennial ‘pets are returning for another round of Muppet Babies, which, like the original late-’80s show, will focus on Kermit, Gonzo, and the rest of the gang when they’re just learning to walk and talk.

Big City Greens (Disney)

This new Disney series tells the story of Cricket Green, a slightly mischievous and incredibly optimistic country boy whose life is changed entirely when his family is forced to leave their simple life behind to head to the big city. Emmy Award-winning director Rob Renzetti, who served as a producer on Gravity Falls, is signed on as an executive producer.

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Nickelodeon)

Everyone’s favorite pizza-loving turtles are back for a new show that sounds like it will be totally tubular. In this slightly reimagined version of the classic TMNT mythology, Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael are already mutant turtles when they discover a “mystic ninja powers.” With the help of Splinter, they will learn to harness their abilities while fighting for justice from the sewers of New York.

The Adventures of Kid Danger (Nickelodeon)

Since debuting in 2014, Henry Danger has been one of Nickelodeon’s flagship TV shows, even winning Best Show at this year’s Kid Choice Awards. Now comes The Adventures of Kid Danger, an animated spin-off that is expected to debut early next year. Not much is known about the show but any fan of the Dangerverse is going to want to check this out.

Super Macho Fighter (Nickelodeon)

All that’s really known about Super Macho Fighter at this point comes from a 90-second “proof of concept” clip that features Boom Boom Savage, “heroic champion of all that is good an honorable, defender of orphans and kittens”, taking on Lord Rasputin, “the most evil and sinister villain the galaxy has ever seen.” It looks like a secretly clever and wonderfully wacky show that you and your kid will both enjoy for entirely different reasons.

Summer Camp Island (Cartoon Network)

Summer Camp Island follows Oscar, a tapir, and Hedgehog, a hedgehog, as they are dropped off at camp for the summer. Weird shit immediately starts happening, including post-it notes that lead to other dimensions and nosey monsters that live under the bed, which threatens to ruin Oscar and Hedgehog’s summer. The show’s creator is Julia Pott, a former animator and staff writer for Adventure Time. Mathematical!

Craig of the Creek (Cartoon Network)

The new Cartoon Network follows the titular Craig and two of his friends as they try to navigate through “a world of untamed, child-dominated wilderness.” The show was created by Ben Levin and Matt Burnett, two former writers for the wildly popular Steven Universe, so viewers should expect these two pros to bring a perfect balance of thrilling adventure and gut-busting laughs.

The Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince Ivandoe (Cartoon Network)

Ivandoe is the good-hearted and valiant prince of the forest. His father, the Mighty Stag, decides to send him on a quest to find the magical Golden Feather of the fearsome Eagle King. Along the way, Ivandoe and his squire, a bird named Bert, encounter dangerous and strange creatures in the unknown and mysterious areas of the forest.

DC Super Hero Girls (Cartoon Network)

What would it look like if legendary superheroes (and a few supervillains) like Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Bumblebee, Katana, and Harley Quinn were teens attending a superhero high school? Given the success of Teen Titans, we can’t wait to find out. Plus, can the world ever have too much Wonder Woman?

Spy Kids: Mission Critical (Netflix)

This new Netflix show will be a reboot of the incredibly fun 2001 movie, as Juni and Carmen Cortez head to Spy Kids Academy, a top-secret spy school for kid agents. But when S.W.A.M.P. (Sinister Wrongdoers Against Mankind’s Preservation) and their diabolical leader, Golden Brain, threaten to take over the world, the Cortez siblings must leave their books behind and use their skills to rally a team of fellow Spy Kids cadets.

Mega Man (Cartoon Network)

Aki Light is a seemingly regular robot preteen hiding a big secret: he is actually Mega Man, a superhero who protects Silicon City from villains set on destroying it. Mega Man has been a popular video game and TV character since the early ’90s and hopefully this show helps introduce him to a new generation.

Pinkalicious & Peterrific (PBS Kids)

Pinkalicious and her brother Peter love nothing more than using their imaginations to make even the most mundane activity an unforgettable adventure. Of course, PBS shows aren’t just about fun, they’re also about helping kids learn valuable lessons. Pinkalicious & Peterrific is meant to spark creativity in kids and encourage them to explore the arts.

Luna Around the World (PBS Kids)

Luna Around the World follows three friends – Leo, an Australian wombat, Carmen, a Mexican butterfly, and Andy, a frog from the U.S. – as they go on adventures around the globe while traveling with their parents’ performance troupe, “Circo Fabuloso.”

The Munsters (NBC)

Last fall, it was announced that Seth Meyers was developing a reboot of the beloved classic sitcom for NBC. To bring the family into the 21st century, the Munsters will be placed in Brooklyn and have to try to fit in with an equally terrifying group: hipsters.