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By Paul Mitchell/Getty.

11 Times Kristen Bell Won Parenting in 2018

She doesn't take any forking flack for her mothering methods.

Kristen Bell is basically the irreverent saint of parenting. Unlike other celebrity parents, America’s favorite celebrity mom is not afraid to cut the crap and explain how tough parenting is. She doesn’t pretend to perfect or holier-than-thou about parenting.  The actress even acknowledges that she has resources, like wealth and nannies, that make parenting easier. Through her show “Momsplaining” on Ellentube and her frank interviews with the press, she takes down parenting myths, gives advice and tips, and even complains about things her children do. That last one might sound small, but to most celebrities, their spawn is perfect in every way and never difficult at all. Celebrity children don’t have tantrums, but Bell and her husband Dax Shepard‘s do. We rounded up The Good Place actress’s best parenting wins so far in 2018. We’re sure that there will be more before 2018 comes to a close, but Bell has spoken a lot of parenting truths so far.