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10 Unique Baby Names Inspired By Unique Athletes

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flickr / Rob Macdonald

Being the dad of an athlete allows you to live vicariously through your kid, for better or worse. You hang out in the stands, waving your arms and hollering. You think to yourself, “That’s my kid! And half that kid is me. So half of me is killing it out there!”

It’s fun imagine your kid will benefit from your clearly athletic genes and go pro. But there’s a lot that needs to go incredibly right for that to happen, including having a thoroughly sporty moniker that’ll sound good in mouths of future sports commentators.

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So check out these 10 baby names inspired by some great names in sport. With these amazing handles it’ll be almost certain that you’re jock has helped produce a little jock.

Names For Girls


For: Picabo Street
Why: The downhill racer was a gold medalist in the 1998 winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. This 5 foot 7 inch lady can hit speeds of over 81 miles per hour. On snow. But you’ll want to keep a close eye on your Picabo, because her behavior might tend to go downhill fast.




For: Serena Williams
Why: Tennis star is not the appropriate term to describe Serena. Tennis legend would be much more accurate. She has 22 Grand Slam singles titles which makes her one of the best athletes in the world. But maybe look to invest in a little sound proofing just in case your little Serena is incredible at making a racket.


For: Mia Hamm
Why: Hamm is a warrior on the soccer pitch. Her influence drove the US women’s soccer team to many victories. She won two World Cups and two Olympic Gold medals and has scored 13 goals in global competition. All great for a sporty girl you expect to be quite striking.


For: Surya Bonaly
Why: This ice skater was at the top of international competition for years as she skated for France in the 1980s. Unfortunately the judges never seemed to warm to her explosive, athletic style which has become more the norm in modern competitive skating. Her big claim to fame is landing a backflip on one foot in Olympic competition — something that hasn’t been done in competition since. So that’s flipping amazing.




For: Simone Biles
Why: She an innovator in gymnastics, and the creator of a laid out double flip that pretty much no one else in the sport can do. She is a gold medalist with an insane amount of strength packed into her small frame. Truth is, if you happen to have you’re own little Simone, you’ll probably both be beaming.

Names For Boys


For: Barkevious Mingo
Why: Frankly you could use either of his names and get the same result: pure fear from opponents. Sure, Mingo didn’t do terribly much for the perpetually awful Cleveland Browns, particularly in his last season but it’s a great name if you plan on having a kid that’ll be patriotic.




For: LeBron James
Why: The guy has three NBA championship rings. The last one helped usher in a veritable sports revival for a defunct rust-belt city. More than that, he has a deeply charitable streak and has sent hundreds of underprivileged kids to college in Akron, Ohio. Also, when you’re playing checkers with your little LeBron and he wants you to king him, you can be all “I already did!” Boom.


For: Coco Crisp
Why: Dude has had a long and productive life in Major League Baseball with 306 stolen bases to his name and a post-season batting average of .281. He recently rejoined the Cleveland Indians, his first MLB team, in nailing down the AL Central. But more than that, he has one of the best names in baseball. Warning though, a kid named CoCo could turn out to be a cereal offender.




For: The Brothers Manning
Why: Four Super-Bowl rings are held between Eli and Peyton. The older of the two has found a new hilarious life in television commercial land. Meanwhile his little brother will probably just fade away for the rest of his career in New York. Not a Giant disappointment by any stretch.


For: Muhammad Ali
Why: He was the greatest.