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10 of the Best, Worst, and Craziest Boy Scout Backlash Tweets

Some had reasonable points. Some had unreasonable points. Some had no point at all.

The Internet loves to react to things. So when the Boy Scouts of America announced yesterday that it would be allowing girls to participate in its full program, people inevitably headed to Twitter to share their thoughts on the change. While many praised the move as a step towards ending gender inequality, there were people could not resist voicing their displeasure with the move. Some of the criticism was level-headed and reasonable, some people just spewed their ignorant views without any regard for nuance or facts, and some of it was just plain bonkers. Here are some of the best and worst tweets complaining about the Boy Scouts allowing girls to join.

The Girl Scouts released a statement where the organization absolutely ripped into the Boy Scouts, claiming the move is being made purely to “boost their declining membership.”

Many fairly wondered why this change was necessary when Girl Scouts already exists.

Donald Trump Jr. is not the most rational guy on Twitter, but he brought up a reasonable point about the Girl Scouts, which has been around nearly as long as the Boy Scouts.