Summer Break Just Started and Parents Are Losing It on Twitter

Summer break builds a sense of expansiveness in kids that few things can match. For them, the season means water gun battles, treehouse building, dawn-to-dusk games of tag, and, of course, no school. For parents, however, summer means no more school, which means having to find ways to occupy their kids’ time. And, for many, that creates a very different sense — one of panic. As the school year is quickly wrapping up, moms and dads all around the country are starting to lose their shit at the prospect of no real schedule. How are they going to entertain their kids? What fresh havoc will their kids wreak when they’re unbound by a schedule. Thankfully, a lot of these worried parents are taking to Twitter to express their frustrations. And it’s great. Here, for your enjoyment are 13 parents expressing their summer dread.

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How Quickly Things Change

They’re Out to Get You

A Fresh Perspective

Conflicting Parenting Styles

A Haunting Message

Summer Superpowers

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