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10 Best Halloween Movies For Kids Streaming On Netflix

Get ready for a fun movie night!

With Halloween only weeks away, it’s time to settle in for a Halloween movie marathon with your kids. Halloween can be a little tougher than the other holidays when it comes to finding movies. For example, maybe your kids are still at the age where certain PG Halloween movies can be too scary and keep your little ones up with nightmares. Or your children could be on the other end of the spectrum—they want something more thrilling and spine-chilling than It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. We’ve compiled a list of movies that are currently streaming on Netflix that will appeal to both very young children and older children. There’s everything from Mickey’s House of Villains to Coraline. All you’ll have to do is select your movie, gather your kids, make some popcorn and maybe break into that Halloween candy early before hitting “play.”