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Why I’m Encouraging My Kids To Skip College


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What controversial advice have people given to their children?

My parents raised me from infancy not to go to college. They told me and my brother if we wanted to go, we’d have to pay our own way.

By the time I was in high school, when all the other kids were obsessing over whether to party at UCLA for 4 years or actually try to learn something at Notre Dame, I didn’t even think about college.

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As such, my grades sucked because I didn’t care about trying to impress anybody. I already knew I was smart enough and basically coasted through my last 3-and-a-half years of school.

I never felt the intense pressure that plagued many of my classmates who were worried about getting into a good college. I graduated in the bottom 50 percent of my class and I don’t regret it.

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It drove my high school counselor nuts. He could not fathom why I wouldn’t want to go to college, because college equals a good job, and a good job equals nice cars and a nice house.



Did I make a mistake? Well let me put it this way: I’m training my 8-year-old daughter and 3-year-old boy not to go to college. And I’m telling them if they want to go, they’ll have to pay their own way.

I’m also telling them how to make a living with nothing more than their own brains, a notebook and a pencil, just like their daddy. I never struggled with student debt. I’m not encumbered by a soul-sucking “job.” I don’t have to worry about the rat race and my wife doesn’t have to work. I’d call that a success.

And for that, I cannot thank my parents enough.

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