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Weekly News Roundup For Dads

This week in parenting, you learned that you were doing some things right like trying to have sex with your spouse and keeping your kid from base jumping. You also learned you’re doing a few things wrong, like considering letting your kid try a sip of your beer. Hopefully, you’re not spanking your kids, but if you are (no judgment) that’s another area of old-school parenting you may want to update. Finally, the best news ever at the end of the week: one minute of intense exercise is as good for you as 45 minutes. Unfortunately, your kids claimed those remaining 44 minutes before you even knew you had them.

Why Having A Strict Parent And A Lenient One Is Not Good For Kids

When it comes to parenting, are you a good cop or a bad cop? Just kidding, it doesn’t matter. If one parent is too harsh on their kid, the other’s efforts aren’t worth much. Turn in that badge. Read more…

Have More Kids Because It Apparently Jacks Your Salary (As Long As You’re A Guy)

You’re constantly looking for ways to bring home more bacon, and according to new research, making a baby was one of those ways. Unfortunately, the workforce isn’t having as awesome of a reaction about your wife becoming a parent. Read more…


All The Sports And Activities That Can Kill Your Kid In One Handy Infographic

If you’re here, you haven’t accidentally killed your kid yet. Congratulations! Keep up the good work with this nifty visual aid. Read more…

Why Your Daughter’s Career Prospects Will Improve If She Isn’t Freaking Out About Math

Despite national efforts to get young girls into STEM, new research has found that the more developed a country and the more gender equality there is, the more young girls experience anxiety about math. Even if your wife is in the STEM field herself, there’s a lot of work to be done. Read more…


It Appears One Way To Avoid Prostate Cancer Is By Having More Sex

If there’s one good thing you’ve consistently done for yourself it’s trying to get laid. You didn’t know you were curing cancer, but you’ll take it. Read more…

Good News: Your Kid Isn’t A Werewolf Even If They Can’t Sleep During A Full Moon

As much as your kid howls at the moon, you already know they’re not a werewolf (you’ve asked). But what you didn’t know is that they have something else in common and that’s how they’re effected by a full moon. Read more…


It’s Official: Spanking Is A Totally Counterproductive Way To Discipline Kids

You may have been spanked and turned out fine, but new research says kids learn nothing productive from it. If your going to lose your temper, hit the wall. You’re not planning to send that to college. Read more…

Sorry Cool Dads: You Might Not Want To Let Your Kid Taste Your Beer Anymore

According to a new study, you’re going to have to wait longer to see if your kid likes beer — even if it’s under your roof. At least that means more booze for you. Read more…

If You’re Working Out For More Than 10 Minutes, You’re Doing It Wrong

Not that you were going to work out more that 10 minutes anyways, but an exciting study found that’s all it takes, as long as one of those minutes makes you want to throw up. Read more…