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These Moms Do Drugs, And Go to Clubs And EDM Festivals

Millennials have turned their offices into mini-playgrounds and turned nostalgia into a high art, so is it any surprise that some of them maintain their raver ways long after becoming parents? Maybe not, but what if their raver ways still include popping the occasional molly?

A feature story on Vice’s new woman-centric site Broadly takes a long look at mothers who identify with rave culture, many of whom still go to clubs and EDM festivals to dance, sometimes for days on end. The article focuses on Nicole, a 32-year-old single mother of 2 who makes ends meet as a hairdresser and bartender and finds that cutting loose once or twice a month keeps her sane. Nicole claims her drug use is becoming less and less frequent as she gets older, but she also claims she spent 8 days on acid and molly at last year’s Electric Daisy Carnival.

Nicole’s not alone, though — the Moms Who Rave Instagram account has over 1,500 followers and a short film called PLUR Picnic (PLUR stands for Peace, Love Unity, And Respect — the motto of rave culture’s hippier elements) documents a meetup of ravers with kids.

So can you party like it’s 1999, and still be a responsible Father? You can if you’re like Rave Dad, a guy the writer encounters who’s famous for attending parties with his 19-year-old daughter while stone-cold sober. Maybe he can tell you how to explain the UFO pants to your kids.