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Show Your Kid How To Change The World With These 9 Petitions

Jeff Mizanskey is a 61-year-old Missouri man who was supposed to spend the rest of his life in prison, owing to the fact that he was convicted in 1993 on marijuana charges for the third time and the state had a rigid “3 Strikes” law. But his son Chris, who, in addition to having a personal dog in the fight, recognized the ridiculousness of his dad dying in prison over non-violent drug offenses, started a petition on that asked Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to commute the sentence. Nearly 400,000 signatures later — including one from a GOP state rep — Nixon granted clemency and last week, he was released on parole.

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It turns out, is a treasure trove of micro-movements either by dads (and their kids) or for dads (and their kids), all ofwhich could benefit from your signature, and any of which might be useful in showing your own kids how even tiny little people can make meaningful change. Petition: Convince Lego To Include Its Famous 1974 Letter On Gender Equality In Its Boxes petitions

In 1974, Lego included a letter in some of their toy kits, encouraging parents to view their toys as gender neutral and not assume that boys shouldn’t build dollhouses and girls shouldn’t build spaceships. It’s a concise and effective advocation of gender equality and progressive parenting, and a former VP at Adobe wants the company to recirculate it to encourage girls’ participation in computer engineering and sciences. Who knows, maybe someday one of them will figure out how to make stepping on Legos hurt less. Petition: Tell Every Presidential Candidate You Want To Know Their Position On Paid Family Leave petitions

Amy Keller Laird is the Editor In Chief of Women’s Health, and her petition speaks directly to her experience delivering one kid into the NICU and another after 2 months of bed rest. In both cases, she required significant leave from her job, which she was only able to take because her employer has policies compatible with a developed nation in 2015. That’s as opposed to, you know, our nation. Making the issue of paid parental leave front and center in the upcoming presidential election is a no brainer, as is wanting to see how Trump bloviates his way through an answer. Petitions: Get Dangerous Food Coloring Removed From Your Kid’s Snacks petitions

Writing to The J.M. Smucker Company, General Mills and Pillsbury, Caroline Wiseman and her father Scott want dyes like Red 40 and Yellow 5 — which have been linked to hyperactivity — removed from things like Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Vanilla frosting. That way, Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls can be enjoyed the way God intended: in bulk, with no adverse health effects (beyond obesity, diabetic shock, and cavities). Petitions: Help This Girl Take Her Dad To The Prom

It’s apparently against Ozark, AL school policy to let fathers take their daughters to prom (if you just made an incest joke, drink). Tonya McGough is petitioning on behalf of Mia Brady and her father, an active member of the military whose deployments mean he’s missed plenty of his daughter’s big days. She’s asking school superintendent, Rick McInturf (if you just made a McInturf joke, drink), to make an exception for the Bradys and let the girl her dad to the dance. Petitions: Give Same-Sex Couples Equal Access to Family Changing Stations at Macy’s petitions

America is still working out the new legal protections granted to same-sex couples like Eric Rosswood and his husband, but that’s no excuse for the fact that some Macy’s locations still don’t have baby-changing tables in the men’s restrooms. Fathers change diapers, no matter who they love, Macy’s. Even Ashton Kutcher knows that. Petitions: Tell Facebook To Give This Girl Access to Her Deceased Mom’s Facebook Page petitions

Scott Gilbert’s daughter was only 12 when her mother passed away, which was before Facebook’s “legacy contact” program was instituted to help families maintain pages of deceased loved ones as online memorials. Since she was too young to join Facebook before her mother’s death, and there is no executor assigned to the page, Gilbert’s daughter can’t interact with her mother’s memory the same way her sisters can. You can’t “dislike” that just yet, but you can sign this petition. Petitions: Keep a Nigerian-Born Father In The UK With His Family petitions

Victor Daodu, a member of Nigeria’s 2012 Olympic boxing team, came to London to participate in the Games. He applied to join the army and become a citizen, and then waited. While waiting, he met a nice girl, fell in love and got married. That nice girl is now pregnant, but English officials have finally gotten around to … denying his citizenship request. Assuming you don’t think Victor should be forced to abandon his wife and unborn kid, sign here. Petitions: Tell The Food Industry To Stop Making Food Out of Horses petitions

Everybody loves food; everybody also loves horses (No? Well, everyone loves westerns, and you can’t make a western without horses), so when 12-year-old Brynn Taylor discovered that horses are routinely slaughtered for food — even though it’s illegal in the U.S., so the horses are trucked over to Mexico or Canada to do the foul deed — she and her father set up this petition. It’s bad enough that you have to explain to your kid what happens to Bambi’s mother; you shouldn’t have to worry about them accidentally eating My Little Pony while you’re at it. Petitions: Give This Australian WWII Veteran’s Medals Back To His Family

Apparently, the Darwin Military Museum in Australia thinks that the medals of local war hero Jack Slade “mean more to the museum than they do to the family.” That’s according to Slade’s grandson, Brendan, who wants his own son to march with the medals in the country’s Anzac Day Parade (Anzac Day being what they call Veterans Day down under). Brendan is petitioning the Minister For Veterans Affairs to explain the wisdom of his opinion to the museum directors, which really shouldn’t require 25,000 signatures. Then again, this is a world in which a fella can’t even change his own kid’s diaper in a Macy’s bathroom, so what do you expect?