Robots Might Be Able To Babysit
YouTube / Robotiq

Would You Trust Your Kid With A Robot Babysitter?

YouTube / Robotiq
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Say what you will about the robot overlords, but the company Robotiq is manufacturing robots with the dexterity of dad hands — they have the footage to prove it, and recently posted it on the company’s YouTube page. The clip of 2 robots taking care of 2 kids seems to be tongue-in-cheek, but as Vocative points out — they’re actually not bad babysitters.

Robotiq builds grippers, sensors and vision systems for robots that are typically used in manufacturing, but would come in handy during take your child to work day. The company’s mission is to “free human hands” by making automation easy and accessible, and the clip itself asks “How to free children hands?” — an aggressively robotic choice of phrasing.

The video features the company’s CTO Jean-Philippe Jobin working while the robots occupy his kids, and if they’re good enough for his children maybe they’re good enough for yours? Rest assured that’s not explicitly the company’s aim … at least yet. It does raise the philosophical question of who you’d rather have watch your kid: A robot or a stranger? Fortunately the days of hiring a grungy neighborhood teen as a sitter are over and parents have a lot more options before resorting to machines. But hey, pitbulls used to be nannies, so anything is possible.

[H/T] Vocative

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