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How To Instill A Regular Routine Of Brushing, Books And Bedtime

Establishing, and sticking to, household routines is a key tactic in helping your kid organize their world. If you’ve already made reading part of the bedtime ritual, you’re off to a good start. As soon as your kid’s first tooth appears, you can add brushing to the evening docket, since even the tiniest teeth will benefit from fluoride toothpaste twice a day. As they get older, make sure you’re book selection grows with them, and when it comes to bedtime, try to get them to bed before they’re yawning and rubbing their eyes. If you time it right, you can distract them with the book before they’re tired enough to get irritable, since that’s when the complaining is most likely to begin. If you needed added incentive, think of it this way: It’s a lot easier to schedule sex if your kids are on their own schedule.