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How To Calm Your Kid After A Fight With Your Spouse

First of all, it’s not the end of the world if your kid hears or even sees an argument between you and your partner. Provided you’re not winging dishes at each other, what matters is how you follow up with them. Moving on from the tension is key, so take the opportunity to “make meaning” of the incident by going for a walk or to the playroom, where you can explain to them why you and mom were disagreeing, and also why you let yourself get angry. Avoid turning them into a confidant or a sounding board; your job is to help them understand that the argument was a moment that’s passed and everything will be ok. Don’t avoid your partner or give them the silent treatment – commit to moving past the unpleasantness and reestablish the balance for your kids by showing affection toward each other. And, if you were winging dishes at each other, go ahead and make that appointment with the marriage counselor now.