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How Do You Inspire A Kid With Down Syndrome? Teach Him To Fly

Alan Lawrence is an art director and photographer whose fifth child, Wil, was born with Down Syndrome. Inspired by Wil’s tendency to flap his arms and lift his legs when learning to crawl, Lawrence created a photo series called “Wil Can Fly.”

The images depict the 17-month-old gliding through the air in various scenarios, like floating ahead of a jogging Lawrence, or above his siblings as they race their BMX bikes down a dirt trail.

Lawrence originally intended the series to serve as a reminder to Wil that he can accomplish whatever he sets out to do, but the response has been so great that he’s launched a Kickstarter to expand the project.

If funded, “Bringing Light” will be a series of calendars starring Wil as he flies through national parks across the American West. Proceeds from the calendars would go to foundations that help orphaned kids with Down Syndrome and provide secondary education to Down adults, and the pictures would do more of what they’re already doing: make grown men excuse themselves because it just got a little dusty in here.