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Four Business Lessons I Learned From My Newborn

Caring for a newborn is flat-out demanding; so is building and running a business.

My daughter turns four weeks old tomorrow. Here are 4 things I learned from her so far. I’m getting this feeling there may be more to come.

Busy Is a Feeling

Caring for a newborn is flat-out demanding; so is building and running a business. Before my daughter arrived, I feared I wouldn’t be able to manage around my new demands. But — out of necessity — I’ve quickly learned to adapt and spend time more efficiently.

I’ve learned to prioritize my time differently to avoid the feeling of busyness. Busyness is not a helpful feeling, and it’s close cousin, feeling overwhelmed, is even worse. I’ve met people in the past few weeks who are doing far more than I am, and look a lot more in control.

So I’m really beginning to think that busy is a feeling. One we can learn to manage.

Giving Is Meditative

Un-focusing from yourself has healing powers. Newborns have the crazy ability to not care about what you think at the moment or how you feel. It’s great. They snap you right out of whatever rabbit hole you’re in with a dose of happiness hormone and demand your immediate attention. It’s a beautiful thing. Makes you realize how unimportant your current mental quandary is.

Guilt Is a Powerful Motivator

This one is simple. When I’m at the office (particularly outside of business hours) I feel guilty for not spending time at home. So I work more intensely to wrap up quicker. Conversely, when I’m at home (particularly during office hours), I feel guilty for not dedicating time to the business. So I prioritize and set aside some time during off-hours to go above and beyond just what needs to get done. Then I aim to get it done in the allotted time and go back to family.

Support Is Critical

I’m not sure why it took me so long to figure this one out! But I’m a lot more comfortable asking for help now — at home, or from my partners and freelancers. Oftentimes, it’s because I just don’t have another option. But without the people around me, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this. And I’m grateful for that.

This article was syndicated from Medium.