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Why Not Prepping For Parenthood Was The Best Decision I Made

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I want to have children one day, but I’m not great with kids (in fact very awkward around them). Will it come naturally?

I love being a parent, I love kids, I’ve always known that I wanted to be a father, but I couldn’t be more awkward or useless around kids.

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Five years ago before my daughter was born I had never changed a diaper, had no idea of the right way to hold a baby, was generally uncomfortable around small children, and basically considered myself a big, scary, impediment to their happy little lives.

That never stopped me, its just an opportunity for growth. I think people are naturally good at some things and people who stick to things they’re naturally good at are going to have comfortable but very diluted life experiences. As Dean Karnazez once said, too often people confuse comfort with happiness. My life has been a string of extremely uncomfortable but highly fulfilling events.

My kids and I have learned a lot together. So far neither of them has perished or been seriously injured. This has taken a lot of coaching on my part to teach them how to help me. Things such as, “Okay, I’ll swing you around by your ankles, but you have to tell me when you start to lose consciousness” and “You can eat that, but you have to teach your brother the proper way to wreck a waffle cone. And if your mother finds out this will be your last waffle cone til you get your big girl teeth.”

When it works, you’ll end up raising them in your own way, in a way that makes you and them better for the experience.

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