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6 Things Every Parent Should Know Today

Including how to address your toddler's random fears and prep your kids for a pet's death.

Every day, the internet is pumped full of brand new funnyinformative, and game-changing content that parents need to know. The only problem? To find the good stuff you need to sidestep over a bunch of nonsense. In hopes of helping, we’ve created this daily roundup. It offers some interesting findings, relatable stories, and other links that we hope makes the Herculean task of trying to raise a well-adjusted human being a bit easier. Today’s offering includes how to address your toddler’s random fears and the best way to prepare your kid for a pet’s death.

Know How to Help Your Kid Learn Mandarin

Want your kids to learn Mandarin but it’s not on the school offering? A new Chinese education startup has launched that lets you set up tutoring sessions with from qualified teachers in China.

Know How to Prepare Your Kid for a Pet’s Death

When a pet nears the end of their life, death sneaks into the family home on soft paws. Children get glimpses of mortality as parents struggle to explain why the inevitable is so inevitable. But glossing over the truth of a pet mortality does children a disservice. It’s better to prepare them. It’s better that they know.

Know How to Run With a Stroller

Parents who run with jogging strollers don’t get as good a workout as if they ran without one ⏤ even though they’re pushing the extra weight. Also, their form is probably going to crap. Scientists dropped this bomb

Know How to Address Your Kid’s Weird Fears

Kids brains amplify fear and anxiety while failing to differentiate the real from the realistic.The best way to extract children from the dangers of their own imagination? Create a map of both fears and anxieties, which you can learn about here.

Know How to Avoid Anti-Vaxxers on Social Media

Anti-vaccine activists in Minnesota are holding playdates for unvaccinated children to interact with kids infected with measles, in a misguided attempt to “build up their natural resistance”. Learn more about it here. 

Know Which Common Exercises You Should Take Out of Your Workout Routine

So many of the traditional exercises you likely do at the gym are inefficient and even dangerous. Here are 10 common exercises that you need to stop performing, along with some far better solutions to swap in.