HBO Is The New Baby Name Generator


“Arya” isn’t the first time parents have become so obsessed with a TV phenomenon they named their kids after it. Go beyond Game of Thrones with these baby names,

all of which became ragingly popular thanks to pop culture.

1. Luke: Hopefully Skywalker, and not Luke from 1980s episodes of General Hospital.

2. Dylan: You better hope your kid’s as handsome as he is soulful/uninterested in academics.

3. Chandler: Look forward to a long career in middle management and an unshakeable smoking habit.

4. Sabrina: No magical power will be able to reverse this name.

5. Britney:  Congratulations, your daughter’s part of the Pepsi generation.

6. Miley: Only a total twerk-off would feel inspired to pass this heritage on to his offspring.


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