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Watch Zion Williamson Pull Off the Coolest Gender Reveal of 2019

The Duke star threw down one of his signature dunks.

Twitter: Duke

Gender reveals have become one of the biggest trends in modern parenting, as expecting moms and dads try to come up with the most creative ways to let the world know whether they are having a boy or a girl. But while most couples end up cutting a cake, one couple has become the frontrunners for best gender reveal of 2019, as they enlisted some help from Zion Williamson, who threw down a vicious dunk to reveal they were having a boy.

Nolan Elingburg is an assistant at Duke and so he asked the basketball star to use one of his trademark dunks for his and his wife Danielle’s gender reveal and Zion agreed. When the Duke star slam dunked, blue confetti (fitting for a Blue Devil baby) shot everywhere. The video was posted on Duke’s Twitter account on Wednesday where it quickly went viral, as it has been viewed more than a million times in less than 48 hours.

Despite being a freshman this season, Zion Williamson has quickly become one of the most beloved figures in all of sports this year, as the Duke basketball star has wowed fans with his superhuman mix of size and speed. And while Duke did not end up winning March Madness like many expected, Zion was widely considered the best player in the tournament. Zion is universally expected to go first overall in the NBA draft in May and is considered by many to be the best prospect since Anthony Davis or even LeBron James.