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Zach Galifianakis Hilariously Reveals What Happened When His Toddler Saw His Penis

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Zach spilled the beans on a hilarious and embarrassing parenting moment.


Zach Galifianakis — perhaps best known for his off-the-wall performances in the Hangover movies as well as his long-running parody interview show Between Two Ferns — hit Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show on Tuesday, September 17 to promote his new movie based on the show, Between Two Ferns: The Movie, and, of course, dish out hilarious and relatable stories to the tv audience. 

The interview, which lasted about 13 minutes, ranged from the types of smoothies that Galifianakis makes, to his morning routine, and life out in the wilderness with his kids. Then he started to get real about one thing in particular: parenting. Like every dad knows, parenting toddlers in particular is occasionally an awfully embarrassing endeavor, given that many toddlers have absolutely no filter, an interest in getting attention, and a penchant to say whatever is on their minds. While it is developmentally appropriate for toddlers to act that way, it sure makes some awkward times for mom and dad, as Galifianakis and Kimmel both reveal. 

Starting at the 4:00 mark, Galifianakis seemed reluctant to bring up his embarrassing parenting story, but was egged on by Kimmel who brought up an embarrassing moment of his own. Kimmel reveals that the day before this interview, his son fondled his grandma’s breasts while yelling “nanny booby, nanny booby.” 

With that, Galifianakis seems willing to open up. “My son saw me when I was peeing. And I was done, and he walks up to me… He goes: ‘Dad, can I touch your big penis?’” 

Kimmel, jokingly asks, “What did you say?” Obviously, Galifianakis said no to his curious and naive son. They then move on to talk Two Ferns: The Movie, which hit Netflix today and is available for streaming.