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This Video Explains How Louis CK Crafts The Perfect Dad Joke

You are the undisputed king of dad jokes at your house, but sadly your kid fails to appreciate your nuanced approach to humor (“Just don’t call me late for dinner” will never not be hilarious). So if they tend to groan at your self-proclaimed joke-crafting expertise, maybe you can up your game with some help from Louis CK, another dad whose been known to tell a joke or 2.

Louis has been the top dog in comedy for almost a decade now, but what is it that makes him such a universally beloved funny man? Youtuber Nerdwriter1 dissected one of his jokes to figure out what exactly puts him ahead of the pack. The in-depth analysis is probably a bit much for your little jokester (not to mention Louis’s undying love for swearing), but this video might just help you evolve beyond your punny business.

Louis’s bit revolves around playing Monopoly with his daughters, and specifically how his youngest isn’t old enough to handle it when he bankrupts her every goddam time (because like any good dad, Louis never lets his kid win). Then he explains the sinister joy he finds in robbing her of all of her fake money and toy property. It’s a simple premise, but it’s broken down with insight into how Louis elevates his material with his style, structure, and ability to work the crowd. (“Am I right, babies?!”)


While the idea of picking apart a joke sounds about as appealing as dealing with an itchy asshole, Nerdwriter1’s video is a surprisingly entertaining look at what goes into crafting a truly funny joke. Joke-telling is, after all, an advanced art form that even scientists have racked their brains trying to understand when they could’ve called Nerdwriter1. Now with these lessons, your tiny heckler might let you try out new material at the dinner table.