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YouTube Removes Horrific Video of a Dad Pranking His Kids By Feeding Them Laxatives

Some of his other hits include "Dead Sister PRANK On Kids" and "Gave Your Kid A Black Eye PRANK."


YouTube has given the world so many cool things, but one of the really dreadful things that it’s opened the door for parents pulling incredibly cruel pranks on their kids for the sake of getting views. Now, the popular YouTube dad, Cordero James Brady, better known as CJ SO COOL, has had one of his channel suspended and video taken down after it contained a rather violent prank in which he put ground-up child laxatives in his children’s ice cream and videotaped the outcome.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, one of his kids can be heard screaming “My stomach hurts,” while his other two are also seen crying in agony. To make matters even worse, Brady videotaped his children while they were on the toilet and and could be heard in the background making jokes and laughing about their pain. The video was actually up for some time and was only taken down when wrote a scathing article about Brady’s channel. Despite the short suspension, Brady’s channel is currently operational.

This isn’t the first one of Brady’s antics that simultaneously harms his children and conveys that he is totally void of basic emotional intelligence. There was the time he tricked his girlfriend into believing that she was trapped inside the house with the thief who’d just murdered him and left his dead body by their door. How about making his kids think that they ate dog shit? Or the time he made it look like a baby was drowning in his pool.

YouTube has been gunning for channels that regularly post content of parents abusing or traumatizing minors even when those videos are labeled as pranks. Earlier this year Michael and Heather Martin’s child abuse disguised as pure comedy got their “DaddyOFive” channel shut down, and the year before that it resulted in two of their five children being removed from their custody. It’s unclear how many more times it will need to be said, but pranking your kids is just not cool, ever.