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This YouTube Kids App Update Helps Parents Block Content They Can’t Stand

There are plenty of kid-friendly videos on YouTube, but you’ve endured enough sing-a-longs to know they’re not all parent friendly. Thanks to a new update for the YouTube Kids app, moms and dads can now block specific videos and channels — not because they’re inappropriate, but because they’re unbelievably annoying.


You can still filter by age group, but now parents can also block videos more specific than “dad can’t stand them.” Here’s how your do it:

  • Sign into the app with your Google account.
  • Click on the overflow menu (those are the 3 dots below the video and on the right).
  • Select “Block this video.”
  • Verify this with a confirmation code in your email

Viola! You’ll never catch your kid watching creepy unboxing videos ever again.

The new update is available in new update available in United States and Canada (as well as countries from Australia to Zimbabwe). And, unlike the app’s timer feature which cuts off your YouTube fiend mid-video, they won’t even notice this. But, if they do figure out how to reinstate those unboxing videos, your little genius can watch all the Surprise Eggs they want.

[H/T] Slash Gear