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Youth Baseball Coach Charges at Unruly Parent With a Bat

The obnoxious dad was allegedly drunk and taunting the coach during the game.

Facebook: Chris McDonald

Arguments between Little League coaches and over-competitive parents are nothing new. In fact, they’re more common than any of us would like to admit. One recent exchange at a youth baseball game in Indianapolis, however, went way too far when a coach grabbed a bat and charged at a parent. The entire incident was filmed from the stands.

According to Helga Scaringe, who runs the Indianapolis Sports Park, the head coach of the Cincy Flames U13 team, Paul Melvin, tried to attack Kyle Wang, the father of one of the opposing team’s players. Wang was apparently intoxicated and intentionally antagonizing Melvin during the game. While it’s not entirely clear what Wang said to provoke Melvin’s fury but the video clearly shows him grabbing a bat and charging at the stands before being restrained by other parents. Eventually, the police were called but Wang had left the scene before they had arrived and no arrests were made.

After taking a day to cool off, Melvin made no excuse for his violent and reckless behavior and issued an apology to a director of the league. “First and foremost, as my post stated I am sincerely sorry for my own actions,” Melvin wrote in an email Monday to Dennis Dick, a director for the Ohio affiliate of USSSA. “My retaliation in the manner to being called an (obscenity), being told to go home and many other comments from the other team’s parent Kyle Wang does not warrant my actions.”

In all my years of Youth Sports Never in my life have I seen a Head Coach (Cincy Flames) come after a parent with 1 of his 13U Baseball Players Bats our of the Dugout to the left. In front of all these boys that he is suppose to be teaching & training to not only be good Ball Players but Good Young Men as well. INSANE! APPALLED!!!! This should go VIRAL! But on a good note Canes are in the Championship Game. Go Canes!!! Jenni Noel Druckrey Suzy McDonald

Posted by Chris Mcdonald on Sunday, May 6, 2018

Later in the email, Melvin said that he hoped his actions wouldn’t reflect poorly on his team.

“In the end, I hope my team and my kid is not punished,” Melvin wrote. “Me, on the other hand, deserve whatever you decide. I am sorry to my family, my team, my parents, USSSA, Indy Sports Park and the fans, and God above.”

Melvin was, however, fired by the team and Scaringe told the Indy Star that both Melvin and Wang had been banned from the park for their behavior.