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You’re Not Ready For This Horse Dressed As Mister Rogers

Won't you be my neeiiiigghhhbor?


Unless you’re a total monster, you know and love Fred Rogers. He graced our television screens for years as Mister Rogers, a legendary man with a spirit of calm and kindness that shaped so many childhoods. Sadly, Fred Rogers passed away from cancer in 2003, and since then we’ve dearly missed his trademark red sweater, genuine smile, and inspiring messages.

Welp, now you can see Rogers’ signature getup…on a horse? Yes. That’s right. In honor of Mr. Rogers and the much-anticipated Mr. Rogers film, A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, VisitLEX, the visitor’s center of Lexington, Kentucky, has dressed up a horse to look like Mr. Rogers; red sweater, tie, khahkis, and all. Also, fun fact: Lexington, Kentucky is the horse capital of the world.

The horse is featured in a series of fun, albeit silly, print ads with headlines that play on Rogers’ best-loved songs; “Won’t You Be My Neighhhbor” and “It’s A Beautiful Day in The Neighhhborhood” are two of them. Ah, we love some solid word play.

No, Mr. Rogers wasn’t from Lexington, Kentucky, but the costume for Hank (the horse featured in the VisitLEX ads) was made in Lexington by award-winning fashion designer Soreyda Benedit. Yes, the horse’s name is Hank (as in Tom Hanks), which is coincidental in a completely delightful way.

Yes, this whole concept is still pretty absurd, but we can’t deny that we love seeing Mister Rogers’ costume come to life once again and will take any chance to appreciate him. Also, horses.