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Your Kid Can Have Their Very Own Baby Dragon With the Hatching Toothless

Hatchimals plus 'How to Train Your Dragon' equals awesome.

DreamWorks Animation

Spin Master, the toymaker behind hits like Fugglers and the Air Hogs Supernova, is bringing the Hatchimals experience to the world of How to Train Your Dragon. At this year’s Toy Fair, it announced a brand-new interactive pet, Hatching Toothless, that lets kids do their best Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III imitation.

Like Hatchimals, Hatching Toothless is an interactive toy that arrives as an egg. Instead of the pastel, glittery aesthetic of the original, this egg has a black and white scaly pattern on its shell. And instead of gently rubbing the outside of the egg to coax out a Hatchimal, kids have to shake this one to make the Toothless inside angry. Eventually, it will be so agitated that he will crack open the shell and  “break out” of the egg.

Once he’s hatched, Toothless looks just like he does in the How to Train Your Dragon films: black scaly skin, glowing green eyes, impish grin. Toothless reacts to touch, purring when you rub him on the head, and he can be fed with a special included fish accessory.

Like Hatchimals and Hatchibabies, Toothless can also play games with kids. They’re fairly basic, but the novelty of playing Ask Toothless, Hot Potato, and Toothless Says likely won’t wear off quickly for kids who love the movies.

Hatching Toothless will hit stores in fall of this year. It will retail for $60, and judging by the past success of similar toys and the continued popularity of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, we think it could be a top seller this holiday season.