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You Can’t Remember Anything Since Having Kids, And That Might Be Making You Happier

Ever since you became a parent, the storage space in your brain is as packed as it is in your house, which is to say it’s full. And though your spouse may not be thrilled when you forget about plans with your in-laws, there’s mounting research that says your bad memory might be making you happier. And you want to be happy, at least from what you can remember.

The main reason experts think that forgetting things helps you lead a happier life is because people mostly forget the bad stuff (sorry, in-laws). In one study, college students were asked to recall their grades in high school and conveniently mostly forgot the bad ones — D students were 50 percent less likely to accurately remember than A students, who were huge nerds about their recollections. Other studies reveal that a majority of people experience wishful thinking biases and a fading effect biases; both produce minor memory loss when it comes to information you’d rather not think about. Sure, elephants never forget, but that’s probably why they’re so fat and unhappy.



Eighty two percent of people also reported that they would not want to take a drug that would cause them to forget a traumatic event, which would apparently be unnecessary anyway because their brains are doing it for them. But remember this is only an excuse for forgetting the bad things in life and will only hurt your cause if you forget an anniversary. Better write that date down. Again.

[H/T] Quartz