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Proof That Getting Old Will Seriously Affect How You Deal With Technology

A new survey of more than 4,000 millennials (ages 15-35) and baby boomers (age 51-70) explores the differences in how the 2 generations relate to technology, and while you’re probably closer to the former, being a parent means you often feel like the latter. Plus, you’ve given birth to a little human who probably is probably already more savvy than you — or, at least, knows what Snapchat is.

The study looked at 500 people from each generation from San Francisco, Sau Paulo, London, and Hong Kong metropolitan areas, with the baby boomers serving are the control group — or the “controlling group,” according to the young people. More than half of young people said they helped an adult with technology in the past year, while only 3 percent of older people recalled needing it. But just because they’re better at remembering iOS updates doesn’t mean they’re better at life, because a whopping 74 percent of millennials reported that they couldn’t survive one full day without the Internet, compared to 51 percent of baby boomers. Even if you’re beginning to feel inept about technology, at least you can take pride in knowing the difference between Wi-Fi and water.

Perhaps more concerning, when asked to select from comforts they “could not go without,” including electricity, connectivity/internet access, heating/air conditioning, plumbing, Wi-Fi, a car, cable TV, a landline, and smoking or alcohol, millennials overwhelming could not go without Wi-Fi, internet, and electricity as their top 3 necessities overall. Older people preferred plumbing, internet and electricity. So, even if you’re already eating dinner at 6 PM and your lower back is killing you, look on the bright side: your priorities are probably in check.

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