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Young Girl Writes Hilarious Letter to Parents to Negotiate a Later Bedtime

"Dear Mom and Dad. I know you know I should not have a different bedtime, but here is why..."


Every kid dreams of ignoring their usual bedtime and experiencing the joy of staying up late. But when a girl named Evelyn found her parents refusing to discuss moving her bedtime back, she tried a different approach. The eight-year-old instead penned a letter to her parents ⏤ equal parts hilarious and brilliant ⏤ in which she attempts to negotiate for a later bedtime. Naturally, her dad posted Evelyn’s bedtime manifesto on Reddit, where it quickly went viral.

Of course, eight-year-olds aren’t exactly known for their penmanship so the letter is a little bit hard to read. Thankfully, Evelyn’s dad was kind enough to translate the letter in its entirety in the comments of his Reddit post. It reads, “Dear Mom and Dad. I know you know I should not have a different bedtime, but here is why…I am almost 8, Oli (her younger brother) is only 4 and has the exact bedtime as me, and why not? I really want it. Love, Evelyn Your Grown-Up Kid.”

The letter may seem like nothing more than the adorable musings of a child, but a deeper look reveals Evelyn’s subtle but effective negotiation skills. She begins by acknowledging that her parents know she doesn’t really need a later bedtime but then slyly redirects the argument to undermine the assumption made by her mom and dad. She then points out that despite being nearly twice as old as her younger brother, they go to bed at almost the exact same time every night. And finally, she drops all pretense and simply asks her parents why not just let her go to bed later? After all, she doesn’t just want a later bedtime. She really wants a later bedtime. If that wasn’t enough to convince them, we honestly don’t know what will.