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Sorry, But Your Kids Totally Know You Have A Favorite

Sure, you love all your kids the same, but that doesn’t mean that you have to like them the same. A new longitudinal study suggest that you’re not only picking favorites, but your kids are totally on to you and your youngest is probably getting the shaft. At least, that’s what they told sociologist Katherine Conger and her team of researchers at U.C. Davis

The researchers interviewed 384 sibling pairs, each no more than 4 years apart, about how their parents treated them. They found that older children were overwhelming perceived by their younger siblings to be their parents favorite. While your youngest may not seem like they care about your big dumb opinion (their words), they told Conger that their self-esteem suffered as a result. When parents were surveyed, 70 percent of dads and 74 percent of moms admitted to giving one child preferential treatment, though not necessarily the oldest or youngest. So, you’re 4 percent better than your spouse when it comes to favoritism, but it’s the kids who are competing, not the adults.



As further proof that everyone in your family is crazy, the researchers also found that all kids suspected their parents favored a sibling other than them, regardless of their birth order. So, even if you favor your oldest for being the smartest, your youngest for being more for being out-going, or your middle child for being somewhere in between, they all think you’re the worst. Fortunately, convincing them you’re not playing favorites is as easy as these 5 steps, which should get you to puberty, when you’ll not be able to stand all of them equally.

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