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It’s Not Just You: Guys Are Crying Way More Than They Used To

No matter how great of a job your dad did, it’s normal to want more for your family — more availability, more opportunities, more … crying? If you’ve found yourself having emotions beyond “sports” and “hungry,” a new survey says you may not be alone. Middle age men today were found to cry significantly more than their fathers. Put this stat in your back pocket for when your spouse says you need to be more sensitive: Your face is nearly 3 times leakier than your father’s generation of dad faces.

The study, commissioned by NBCUniversal, looked at 2,000 men and found that middle age men cry in front of others 14 times in their lifetime, whereas their fathers only cried 5 times, almost exclusively during births, deaths, and Cleveland Browns games. In the last year alone, 4 out of 10 men admitted to crying in public and 8 out of 10 men even owned up to getting emotional watching TV (in their defense, the whole Jon Snow thing on Game Of Thrones was a real kick to the feels). This trend of dignified man-cries continues to increase with younger generations as well, who reported crying 30 times a year behind closed doors. So if your dad is already busting your balls about this sensitive data, don’t even get them started on your kid.



Still, this does not mean you’re not as tough as your dad or that you’re going to cry exactly 14 times this year. The survey only looked at British men and it’s entirely possible that they’re as soft as their teeth. Jokes aside, if more men crying means less pressure for your kid to suck it up when they’re truly upset, then maybe they won’t end up punching a hole in your wall when they’re a teenager. If it makes them a happy and healthier adult, then this is nothing to cry about.

[H/T] The Independent