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A Porsche Flying Car Will Be Available In 2025. Maybe?

Oh hell yeah.

Credit: Warner Bros

If you’re going to save your pennies to buy a new car in the next 10 years, you might want to save up for a Porsche. A FLYING PORSCHE! That’s right, everyone’s midlife crisis is about to get a Blade Runner/Back to the Future/Jetsons update. Apparently, flying cars could actually be a thing in the next five to 10 years.

On Thursday, TechCrunch broke the news that Porsche and aeronautics company Boeing have entered into an arrangement to possibly construct flying cars. These are being called electric vertical take-off and landing or eVTOL for short. According to the report, “the two [Boeing and Porsche] sign[ed] a new memorandum of understanding to work together on developing a concept for a ‘premium’ eVTOL.”

If you’re wondering what “premium” means, we’re guessing it just translates to “very expensive.” There’s no clue how much these suckers might cost, or if any of them will look as slick as your favorite flying car from your favorite sci-fi flick.

It’s also unclear how all of this will shake-out relative to laws concerning this kind of travel. Conventional wisdom seems to indicate that these flying cars would operate a little more like helicopters, and thus not really be like cars at all, but instead, just a new kind of smaller aircraft. Still, because Porsche is involved it seems impossible not to think of these as anything but flying cars. To put it another way: If Boeing and Porsche were developing a new kind of vehicle with giant wheels and wings, but that was intended for the ground, we’d call those rolling-planes, or ground-planes, right? That’s what I thought.

In any case: Flying cars are coming. Even if I can’t afford one, I’m pumped. Gosling’s flying car in Blade Runner 2049 looked great. And, if we’ve got flying cars by 2025, the future is totally back on track.