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You Can Get Will Ferrell ‘Elf’ Themed Cookies at These Stores Very Soon

Just don't cram these cookies into the VCR.

Elf has entered the prestigious realm of “Classic Holiday Movies.” It’s up there with Christmas Story and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. When the snow is falling, the house is decorated and the fire is roaring in the fireplace, there’s nothing like watching Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf pour chocolate syrup on spaghetti noodles and yell about Santa at the top of his lungs. Not even the Grinch could resist Buddy’s charming innocence when it comes to Christmas, but this year your Elf viewing will be even more magical than usual. Pillsbury announced that they’ll be releasing some Elf-themed cookies to go along with your annual (or weekly or even daily) viewing.

As fun as it is to make holiday cookies with your little ones and then have them as a movie marathon snack, sometimes you don’t want to put all that effort. You’ve got shopping to do, trees to decorate and most importantly, you have to mail letters to Santa. As much as you love the holidays, you’re not as enthusiastic about Christmas as Buddy the Elf—but no one is. He decorated an entire store with handmade paper snowflakes for goodness sake. He was trained by the best, though. Pillsbury understands this, which is why these sugar cookies are break-and-bake. Buddy’s signature green-and-yellow hat is part of the pre-cut cookie. There’s 24 in a pack, so you could have an Elf viewing party or see how many sugar cookies your family can eat in one sitting and watch your children bounce off the walls.

Here’s what the box will look like (Pillsbury)

These cookies are not in stores yet, but Delish reports that they’ll be in Target, Walmart and Kroger, Meijer, Albertson/Safeway, and Ahold/Delhaize. They’re already up on the Target website, so you can probably expect them to hit stores before Thanksgiving.